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In-cosmetics 2010 will be remembered for manyreasons. And I am not referring to Eyjafjallajökull,and the many problems it has brought totravellers, including my colleagues and me – itwould be far too obvious to mention it.If clouds are what we really want totalk about, then we should refer tothe dark clouds of economic crisiswhich have built up and cast theirgloomy shadow through all 2009, marking aunique period in the history of our economies,a turning point intended to mark our time.In this sense, we can say that In-cosmetics2010 has given our industry a strong signal forchange, a sign of optimism in a landscapethat is still being dominated by so manyuncertainties, but also shows encouragingsigns in a sector representing an importantconsumer goods compartment for us all.As always, our congratulations go to the organizersof In-cosmetics, who in 20 years of activity havebeen able to create a centre of interest, reference,attraction that is indispensable for anyone workingin personal care and cosmetics.

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