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Evolution of sunscreens and people’s knowledge of sun protection. 

H&PC Today (TKS Publisher)

An editorial piece for the July/August journal issue would naturally be inspired by summer and the holidays this joyful season brings along. If the issue also includes an insert on sun protection products, then we’re bound to be dealing with summer topics, aren’t we? I’d like to kick off by sharing a personal memory. Back in Italy’s post-war economic boom (unlike today unfortunately, where the economic scenario isn’t certainly sunny bright) going on holiday wasn’t something everyone could afford. Summer holidays as we know them today, that is mass holidays, started in the 1960s. All of a sudden everyone could afford vacation. This larger expenditure capacity was also due to the great development of the car industry, which basically gave a car to everyone, and instalment payments helped a lot too giving people the chance to virtually pay for anything. My family was part of that world that strolled around rather than taking a car and we used public transport means. Holidays for us were more of an outing to the beach. We set off at dawn on foot, took a bus or a train and then on foot again to reach the beaches. We carried our parasol all the way ...

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