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2017 will be a turning point for chemistry?

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Carlo M. Buonamico
Chimica Oggi – Chemistry Today (Tks Publisher)

With the dawn of the new year, we might feel the need to take a deep breath of relief.
The macroeconomic situation shows tentative signs of recovery, stock markets prices are often showing a positive trend and market players feel moderately optimistic, as if the trouble that had marked 2016 was finally over.
At a closer look, however, the events that occurred last year will certainly have their effects in the one that has just started. Donald Trump has just taken office and doesn’t appear to be willing to reduce his attacks on policies and achievements of the former administration – some analysts think that this situation can lead to shifting the world’s geopolitical equilibrium - thus also change economic trends - amongst superpowers. There are already hints of the direction that Trump’s industry-stimulating policies is taking: Trump has stated he will cut corporate taxation by over 50% and that he will grant tax benefits to manufacturers that keep production on US soil. At the same time, he has also announced the that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be shut down since, according to mr. Trump, it hampers business. Is it just propaganda or r ...

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