Harmonizing science and perception: Navigating consumer psychology in the cosmetics industry


VP of Research & Innovation, HCD Research

Keywords: Active ingredients, consumer perception, product formulation
efficacy, marketing strategies.

As a researcher specializing in consumer psychology, I find it fascinating to delve into the intricate interplay between active ingredients in cosmetics and consumers’ perceptions. Beyond the technical definitions, consumers often attach diverse meanings and emotions to these ingredients. These perceptions can range from excitement and anticipation of positive results to confusion or skepticism due to the complexity of scientific terminology.


Understanding these psychological nuances is crucial for both cosmetic manufacturers and marketers. Consumer beliefs and misconceptions can greatly influence purchasing decisions and brand loyalty. By unraveling the thought processes behind these varying perspectives, we can tailor communication strategies that bridge the gap between technical knowledge and consumer understanding. This might involve simplifying complex scientific information or leveraging relatable analogies to enhance consumer comprehension.


It’s also intriguing to observe how societal trends and media play ...