Innospec sustainable and innovative “Blue Ocean” formulations to meet today’s consumers’ needs in Home Care, I&I


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Sustainability is still one of the topics closer to people’s hearts. At Innospec, we are attentive to the needs and priorities of consumers and are committed to offering solutions that perform sustainably. Nowadays, “sustainable cleaning” is at the heart of the purchasing choices of consumers, who are fully informed and attentive with respect to the impact that the products they buy can cause to the ecosystem.

Room cleaning - especially household cleaning and with particular focus in this historical period - has seen a dramatic increase. Consumers’ needs and attentions to the environment have presented an opportunity for Innospec to market ourselves with increasingly innovative and environmentally friendly solutions and technologies, without undermining their effectiveness and performance.

Through the Home Care, I&I Center of Excellence team, based in Castiglione, Italy, we think, design and formulate new sustainable solutions to meet consumer needs, ba ...