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Highlights on the ongoing APIs market situation

President Aschimfarma

APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) market is increasingly a global business integrated in the supply chain of pharmaceuticals, in which APIs represent the most important components in terms of clinical efficacy and value. Italy traditionally has a very strong and important APIs manufacturing base with a high level of technical competence, employing a range of skilled, highly qualified and experienced staff. Italian manufacturers forecast to close 2016 with the strengthening of the expressed growth trend during the last years, also thanks to the constant high level of export (a good 85% of their total turnover). The companies look at the future with optimism both some basic economic factors play a positive role, i.e. the price of oil and the exchange rate of Usd, and some specific trends in the sector, particularly important for the companies, have been confirmed. With reference to these it’s important to point out the strategic decision taken by some multinational pharmaceutical companies to return to Europe for their APIs sourcing due to quality and reliability reasons. In fact multinational pharmaceutical companies have made medium and long-term strategic choices with ...

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