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A new era for EMA and for the US fiscal environment A content revolution for Pharma Horizon

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Carlo Buonamico
Managing Editor
TKS Publisher

We start 2018 with news that, we believe, concern all actors in drug manufaturing and supply: the assigning of the new headquarters of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to Amsterdam.

What happened is pretty clear to everyone, while how it happened would appear at least rather questionable. In fact, winning or losing by the toss of a coin appears somewhat surreal after all the efforts and the great deal of preparatory political spadework to drive votes towards one or the other side.

There has been recent rumours that, if proven true, we reckon require to be dealt with seriously, regardless of the candidate one was supporting in the first place. EMA’s relocation triggered by Brexit is one more time popping up in the news, just weeks after the draw that decided Amsterdam would be the new EMA headquarters. As it appears, EMA’s final headquarters in Amsterdam won’t be ready by mid-March 2019, that is when EMA will have to move by because of Brexit being triggered a few days later. Some say that the Amsterdam application for running as an EMA candidate city clearly explained there would have been temporary premises before moving into the final building, other o ...

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