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Immune health a priority for consumers as they look to minimize vulnerability to disease and illness


Head of Research and Insight, FMCG GURUS

In Q3 2019, a global FMCG Gurus survey found that 54% of consumers overall said that they were satisfied with their current immune health. When questioned what constituted a poor immune system, two of the most popular answers given was being easily susceptible to illness (60%) and difficulty recovering from illness (50%). Despite most consumers being satisfied with their immune health, a total of 53% of consumers said that they had made changes to their diets and lifestyles in the previous twelve months in order to boost their immune health. When questioned what steps they had taken, consumers were most likely to say that they had looked to improve their mental wellbeing (54%) and make changes to their diets (52%). These answers highlight two things. Firstly, consumers recognize that all aspects of health are interlinked and issues such as fatigue, stress and anxiety can directly impact on the immune system. Secondly, consumers recognized that current dietary habits were not perhaps as healthy as they should be. The research showed that overall, whilst consumers believed they would benefit from making improvements to their lifestyles, they were generally satisfied with their imm ...

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