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Innovation – between evolution and revolution



Cosmetic Scientist/ Master of Business Marketing Innovation & Research Manager – Germany


Considering our fast changing markets, the theoretical innovation process and new ways how dealing with the changing consumer, the question arises how we can develop our innovations from evolutionary to more revolutionary. In this respect, the main drivers of innovation in colour cosmetics products are discussed and as part of the theoretical innovation process consideration, new directions for idea generation are shown. New ways of thinking may be necessary in the future to secure companies’ market position and gain sales.

By just taking a brief look at the current colour cosmetics market, the observer will quickly realize that innovation is a predominate topic. Practically every new product launch is accompanied by a somewhat innovative product claim. In which product sectors can we find all these novelties?

Packaging for example has high innovation potential and is one of the important sources for innovation at present, especially since the “packlication” (1) trend hit the market with huge success in 2009/2010. For certain colour cosmetics products, packaging is more than just an outer shell or a combination of pack and applicator, it adds significant functionality. Such is the case for mascaras where most of the innovation is found in new brush materials and shapes, fibre combinations or even advanced battery operated technologies. Production technology is another important source of innovation. The continuous technical advancement has opened up new possibilities, ...

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