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More than skin deep – Advanced colour measurement makes selection of customized cosmetics practical



X-Rite Incorporated 17 Hellath Wen, Nantwich Cheshire, CW5 7BB, United Kingdom

Cosmetic manufacturers are harnessing some of today's advanced technology to obtain baseline measurements of colour and appearance of customers' skin
Handheld spectrophotometers are used more frequently in R&D of new skin care products and formulation of customized cosmetics 

Skin is the visual calendar by which a person's age is measured, and virtually everyone wants to use cosmetics to flip the pages of that calendar forward or backward at will.
Teenagers embrace more sophisticated eye shadows and blushes to look older, and senior citizens reach for creams to regain the glow that their skin had when they were young. In a more compelling sense, individuals who suffer disfigurement from accidental burns or disease want to turn back the clock to when their skin was more attractive. Regardless of the reason, new technologies in the measurement of colour and appearance is making it possible for people to customize how they look using cosmetics more than ever before.
Skin is the largest organ o ...