Gen Z and perennials – A different approach to make up?


Research and Innovation Cosmetic Consultant, Monza (MB), Italy


Two great generations in comparison, Generation Z and Perennials. The first one is well known to everybody because they are the people of the web, digital natives, always connected and curious to experiment with new experiences.
On the other hand Perennials are one or two generations ahead of Gen Z. But both of them love make-up even though naturally they have a different approach to it. In this article we will try to discover if, among the many differences, it is possible to find some points in common.

The world of beauty is undergoing a big transformation: inclusivity and sustainability are the most used words to describe the new make-up products you can find on the market. The consumers are looking for a new way of taking care of themselves, using a holistic approach. The most important consumers are Gen Z and Perennials: the first has the creativity to use make-up in many different ways. The second has great purchasing power and knows very well what fits their skin.


The young generation (Gen Z) is the freshest generation, carefree, capable of great gestures and enthusiastically fighting all types of battles, from social rights to sustainability and protection of nature in general.
The use of make-up becomes an instrument to communicate a way of being and facing life. There are no barriers or judgements, the most important thing is their own self-expression.
In view of these considerations, and where all the gender barriers collapse, make-up is the key to  creating belonging and inclusivity. Specifically inclusivity, which is playing a much more increasingl ...