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IP consulting and documentation: the importance of specialists


Giulia Tagliafico
European and Italian Patent and Trademark Attorney



Simona Venturini 
Italian Trademark Attorney and IP documentation specialist

The importance of intangible assets and in particular of industrial property (IP) is now universally known. It has become therefore crucial for companies to protect their innovation and their own “identity” (products, processes and trademarks) and then to succeed in making their IP assets profitable. This requires the definition of suitable strategies of IP protection and exploitation, which should be promptly implemented.

Once a strategy has been defined, the filing and the subsequent prosecution (the examination procedure, which hopefully leads to the grant of a patent or a trademark) has pitfalls and complexities that escape a non-specialist.

Moreover, the head of R&D or of the legal division generally have neither sufficient time nor specific competencies to deal with building, enforcing and defending a patent (or a trademark), without the involvement of specific professional roles, such as a patent (or trademark) attorney and a documentalist, who is a researcher in IP information retrieval.

The patent attorney has alway ...

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