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The globalisation of compliance risks. Compliance programmes in cross-border markets


Ascensionato Raffaello Carnà
Managing partner

The unstoppable process of economic globalisation has helped to connect people and businesses, share means and resources all over the world, which has also meant dealing with different regulations, sometimes complex and difficult to harmonise. As we know, “selling” a product or a service or, in general, performing an economic transaction are processes that must comply with the laws in force in both the source and destination countries. The ever-increasing financial exchanges – and, at times, related financial scandals - have made it more urgent to design operational processes that “comply” with business objectives. The aforesaid statement means that, in a company, the need to follow the rules must arise from the senior executives, those who truly hold the decision-making process that identifies business objectives. Clearly, in terms of business strategy, each organisation will have the responsibility to fine-tune conduct to best meet its expectations. However, we cannot fail to mention that, except for criminal deviations that are not the subject of today’s discussion, being able to operate on several markets implies the need to respect, often simul ...

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