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New MedTech rules on educational events for healthcare professionals

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MedTech Europe is an alliance of European medical technology industry associations. Founded in October 2012, it currently has two members: Eucomed (1) and EDMA (2). The organisation represents “(...) the medical technology industry from diagnosis to cure (...) (3)”.

MedTech Europe has the main objective of “(...) promoting a balanced policy environment that helps the medical technology industry to meet the growing needs and expectations (…) (4)”of Europe’s healthcare stakeholders.

This activity is carried out by engaging with EU regulators, politicians and other decision-makers to help shape policies to promote innovation for our growing healthcare needs and expectations.

With the aim to guarantee ethics, transparency and integrity for the interaction between medical technology companies and healthcare professionals and organizations, MedTech Europe has adopted a code of conduct: the MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice. The Code sets rules covering the following matters, amongst others:

  • Sponsorhips and organisation of training events for healthcare professionals;
  • Grants and charitabl ...
  • ...

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