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Marco Mensink, Cefic Director General


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Last year brought Brexit, the US Presidential elections, and an uncertain economic framework. In this fast-paced scenario how do you see the role of the chemical industry today and in the mid-term?
It’s very clear that the role of our industry is to find ways to keep adding economic value and investment in Europe and also add value to society with innovations to address major challenges such as climate change. Cefic plays an important role as the hub for this work by member companies.
 2016 certainly turned the global status quo on its head, with the anticipated departure of the UK from the European Union following the Brexit vote, and the subsequent election of US President Trump. President Trump clearly has the objective to bring manufacturing back to the US with a combination of tax measures, deregulation and protectionist measures. Closer to Europe Prime Minister May has launched a green paper to consult on how to promote manufacturing in the face of Brexit. This requires a strong Europe ...

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