Nutricosmetics claims: an overall approach in skin testing


Technical Director, Zurko Research

Nutrition plays an important role in the overall skincare health. Some molecules module biological processes which take place in human skin. The most representative are: proteins giving structural support, immunity, etc.; lipid and essential fatty acids involved in skin barrier function and inflammatory process; and vitamins, which play an important role for their antioxidant effect and minerals.


Nutricosmetics are the latest trend in the beauty industry. The term is a combination of nutrition and cosmetics designed to provide beauty and aging benefits mainly for hair, nail, and skin.


This market is expected to be the fastest-growing segment over the forecast period. The growth rate of the Global Nutricosmetics Market is 8.2%, with an estimated value of $12.700 Million by 2027 according to Research and Markets company.

There is no clear regulation for nutricosmetics products. However, these products claim to provide a benefit, typically under healthy claims in the European Union, mostly as borderline products evaluated by member states on a case by case basis. In Europe, the framework of the European Food Safety Authority EFS ...