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Okara, a natural food ingredient for new product development of foodstuffs

*Corresponding Author
Galam group, Mobile Post Menashe, 37855, Israel


Okara is the solid non-soluble fraction obtained during soymilk manufacturing. Okara is a natural rich source of dietaryfibre and protein, which can be processed to industrial useful forms such as powders, extrudates or pregelatinized powders. Based on its characteristics, Okara can assist in new product development (NPD) of foods by providing nutritious protein andfibre, while simultaneously reducing calorie contents and glycaemic loads. Inclusion rates into products may reach levels as highas 70-80 percent. Moreover, Okara also contributes to the texture, water-holding and emulsifying capacity, and may also help inthe development of “gluten-free” food products.


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