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Okara, a natural food ingredient for new product development of foodstuffs

The role of prebiotics in human physiology
Delivering natural functionality

Fermentable fibres, appetite regulation and body composition

What consumers think about fibre across Europe…

Probiotics and the prevention of allergy

Fruit and vegetable juices tested as possible probiotic beverage

Probiotics and prebiotics in immune function in elderly

Early acquisition of microbiota
Associated consequences in infancy and beyond

Finding the molecules that make probiotics work

Interaction between probiotics and human immune cells
The prospective anti-inflammatory activity of Bifidobacterium breve BR03

The gut microbiota and inflammatory bowel diseases

Role of probiotics in host metabolism

Management of atopic dermatitis The next challenge for probiotics

Importance of probiotics in oral health

Probiotics in inflammatory bowel disease

Breast-milk lactobacilli and bifidobacteria Opportunities for the development of infant formulas

Trends in the microencapsulation of probiotics for application in dairy products

The human intestine microbiome in health and disease An emerging diagnostic and therapeutic target

Gastrointestinal tolerance and intestinal adhesion of Lactobacillus pentosus isolated from a traditional cheese in Northwestern China

Probiotic cheese New opportunities

Prebiotic effect and potential health benefit of arabinoxylans

Proximate and functional properties of sugarcane bagasse

EU Legislation relating to fibre with particular emphasis on health claims

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