Oriol Prat – Director of IV Solutions and Contract Manufacturing at Grifols International

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Who are Grifols?
Grifols is a global healthcare company focused on human protein therapies, diagnostic solutions and products and tools for medical care delivery. We have three primary divisions – Bioscience, Diagnostic and Hospital – which are active in over 90 countries. Grifols Partnership is the business in Grifols holding focused in develop and manufacture injectable products for third companies.

And what is that division’s focus?
It offers services for contract development and manufacturing for third parties, focused solely on non-biological sterile injectable products – mostly in flexible packaging, some glass vials but our core expertise is in flexible bags. We started manufacturing flexible bags in PVC 40 years ago and 15 years ago we moved into polypropylene (PP), which we still use. Customer approach is mainly based in Technology Transfer for a given dossier. We have multi-purpose site near Barcelona, where we produce PP bags and glass vials. Murc ...