Panel Discussion on Nutricosmetics



In this issue of the panel discussion authors coming from different areas of health and wellbeing industry take us on an inspiring journey revealing secrets of how our everyday dietary and lifestyle choices can impact our organism’s balance and beauty all the way to the molecular level and how we should embrace more multifunctional holistic approach to our personal care in which nutricosmetics could be our next little beauty assistants.

Nutricosmetics - how nutritional supplements met cosmetics and how they can work for your beauty from the inside out



NATRUE Regulatory and Scientific Manager

It is long known that beauty comes from within. 

Our appearance is affected not only by what we apply externally, but also by what we eat. With the increased interest in nutrition and food ingredients’ beneficiary effects, we are realising more and more that by what we put into our bodies we can influence how we look like on the outside. Our diet has direct link to our health status and that is often shown through our skin, hair or nails. Our body surface has an important signalling function transmitting us messages from within that reflect overall health of the body.


Many beauty problems are actually multifunctional and systemic, being a symptom of disbalance in the organism that originates far from the body surface. For example, a direct gut-skin connection was demonstrated with probiotics, live bacte ...