Beauty supplements: Understanding the landscape for compliant claims


Ayton Global Research, Bath, United Kingdom


The global dietary supplements market is set to see staggering growth in the coming years (1). Within this overarching product category are the beauty supplements, that claim health and cosmetic benefits whilst being subject to food regulations. This can lead to misleading advertising and uncompliant products in a category where competition is thriving.
As such, Ayton Global Research have commissioned global market research to investigate what the consumers understand about the beauty benefits of supplements and the trending ingredients, such as probiotics and microbiome. The research looks at what consumers really want out of beauty supplements and how brands can communicate this in their marketing, all whilst staying compliant with international advertising regulation.

This market research study was conducted between December 2021 to January 2022 in the form of an online survey in the UK, Germany, USA, Malaysia and Indonesia (Hereafter referred to as ASEAN). The study protocol was developed and executed in accordance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) (2), the Market Research Society (MRS) code of conduct for ethical market research practices (3), and the ICC/ESOMAR Code (4). The participants data and responses have been reported in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (5).


(i) Volunteers

A total of 489 female (88%) and male (12%) volunteers, aged 18-60 years actively participated in the study. The majority (66%) of participants were aged 30-49 years. Volunteers were recruited through AGR’s search engine optimisation and referrals between volunteers. Volunteers were selected according to the profile criteria that they must regularly take daily supplements with the target of beauty benefits. Eligible volunteers were invited to take part in the study and acceptance was purely voluntary.


(ii) Questionnaire, Data Management, & Statistics
The study comprised ...