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Personalised Nutrition: Part II. Science to market


Nutriconnect, Sydney, Australia

In early 2020, Nestlé Health Science is once again strengthening its presence in the personalised nutrition space by acquiring LivingMatrix. San Francisco-based LivingMatrix is a personalized functional medicine platform that uses technology-based data and algorithms to leverage healthcare providers.


With consumer demand for personalized nutrition increasing consistently, Nestlé also acquired Persona, formally Vitamin Packs, and added Persona to its Atrium Professional Brands business in 2019. The food giant continues to expand its footprint in personalised nutrition space and that shows the strong market potential of this science.



It is very common that after eating half slice of a cake, blood-sugar levels will spike in all, but to different degrees depending on your genes, gut microbiota, level of exercise you did recently and more. A team at Weizmann Institute of Science under leadership of Eran Elinav and Eran Segal has developed a way of addressing this variability.


By comprehensively monitoring the blood sugar, diets, and other traits of 800 peopl ...

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