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In this Panel Discussion, several experts in the field have been invited to discuss about usefulness, drivers and barriers of Personalised Nutrition services, focusing on how the rapidly changing societal context will influence the introduction and uptake of these services in the market.



How can PN advice be effectively provided to an individual to achieve a lasting change in dietary behaviour change?

Personalised Nutrition is rapidly establishing itself as a different and useful approach in helping an individual to achieve a more appropriate dietary pattern in line with personal goals. 

Its success will depend on its effectiveness to deliver upon that promise. This will require both the production of reliable and qualitative PN advice, but more importantly to deliver the advice in a format and an environment that fits the individual’s context and state of mind.


Much of the debate until now has been on the capability to create PN advice but that is no longer a doubt: today we have proof that it is feasible for a growing number of conditions that can be attributed to inappropriate dietary behaviour. However it is still in its infancy and much scientific progres ... ...