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Rachel Fuller Brown and the invention of Nystatin


Some great discoveries came from serendipity circumstances and some others follow tose example.
This is the case of Nystatin, the first antifungal drug discovered in 1950 by Rachel Fuller Brown, an interesting contemporary science figure committed in gender issue as well.

Rachel Fuller Brown

Some great scientific discoveries arise through serendipity. Others follow the example of those apparently simple but exceptional findings like penicillin. Such is the case with nystatin, a polyene antifungal drug that was discovered in 1950. It was one of the very first antifungal treatments and was developed by Rachel Fuller Brown (1898-1980) an American chemist.

Today, thanks to the efforts of Rachel Brown and her colleagues, we know the real threat posed by fungi to human life. Nystatin can help modern medicine to cure several diseases caused by fungal infection, including severe burns, skin and mucus infections, infections acquired during chemotherapy treatments and AIDS. Brown was also an interesting figure of her time, who was committed to gender issues as well as science.



Rachel Fuller Brown was born on 23 November,1898. Her p ... ...

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