Weston Price: a dentist who become the ‘food explorer’


Weston Andrew Price was a brilliant dentist, but also a great innovator. He indeed discovered a fascinating relationship between eating habits and physical and mental health. Those new findings came after traveling around the world and put basis for the modern science of nutrition.

Weston Andrew Price was a brilliant and extraordinary Canadian-born dentist, who lived in the last century.
He contributed to innovation in the science of nutrition with some remarkable studies but was not well known to the general public or, to some extent, within the scientific community itself. Even today, his name has still perhaps not achieved the recognition it deserves.

Dr Price’s major discovery came through exploration and anthropological investigation, and it became the basis of a theory that links nutrition with dental and general health. Indeed, he found that populations with ‘primitive’ habits, some of whom are still living today and are referred to as ‘indigenous tribes’, show surprisingly good health, despite their hard way of life. However, important changes took place when those people were forced to follow a different daily diet, which Price called ‘commerce food’.