Novacarb – Sodium Bicarbonate, a naturally safe exfoliating agent


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Sodium bicarbonate is highly effective at gently peeling and exfoliating skin; it helps cells detach from the skin and cleans pores. This allows skincare products to be absorbed more readily and ensures skin is better protected.

Novacarb has developed a special Sodium Bicarbonate product range as a natural and gentle alternative to polyethylene (PE) microbeads or plant-based abrasives like plum kernels (or nut shells).

An eco- and consumer-friendly product

Sodium bicarbonate is a mineral produced using an eco-friendly process involving limestone and salt. According to EU regulations, certain sodium bicarbonate formulations can be labelled as non-irritating. Novacarb Sodium Bicarbonate is COSMOS approved.

The Novacarb commitment to environmental protection is reflected in our ISO 14001 an ...