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Spray drying enhances solubility and bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs


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In spray drying, a liquid feed (as a solution or a suspension) is sprayed into a hot gas stream with the intention of isolating products in a solid form as well-defined powder. Through spraying, the liquid evolves as small droplets with precisely defined volume(s). These droplets are then transported with the gas flow along a drying chamber (referred to as ‘flight time’). During the flight time, the solvent evaporates from the droplets until only residual solids remain. The powder is then separated from the drying gas stream and then collected. The hot gas becomes saturated with solvent vapor during this process.
Evaporating solvent from the droplets consumes energy which is delivered by the hot gas around the droplet; therefore, the droplet stays cold and the gas becomes cooled. Due to these physical principles, the produ ...