Sunscreen Symposium 2017 – September 14-16 2017


Tony O’Lenick
Education Chair IFSCC
Member of H&PC Today Scientific Advisory Board

It is time once again for the Florida Chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists Sunscreen Symposium. The biannual event is a global event and this year the topic is “Innovation and Sustainability”. Sunscreen products not only protect us from the deleterious effects of the sun but are becoming ever more sophisticated formulations that need to satisfy the consumer. These demands have not only put more pressure on the formulator, but have opened new product ranges. One such example is formulations for daily wear product is different than those formulated for beach use.

“Few topics in the field of personal care are as critical at the moment as sunscreens,” noted David Smith, Chief Executive Officer of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, “and the expert volunteers from the Florida Chapter behind the Symposium have turned this biannual event into the top global event on the subject. The Sunscreen Symposium is an excellent example of the Society ... ...