symrise – SymProt’in™ Oat: repair for damaged hair


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Cartaxo Rita, Paula Márcia, Thuleau Justine, Lourenço Carolina, Thomaz Fernanda

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When defining hair type, we’re familiar with traditional classifications; ‘thick’, ‘curly’, ‘straight’, ‘blonde’ or ‘brown’ hair. But when asked how to classify their own hair, more consumers than ever are saying their hair is ‘damaged’ rather than referring to its texture, color and overall appearance.

Hair damage is caused by a variety of different stressors, from daily combing and grooming to repeated chemical procedures and heat exposure. This damage can reach the inner part of the hair fibers, known as the ‘cortex’ — a structure mainly composed of proteins organized in filaments cells, and responsible for the hair’s mechanical properties.


Exposing the hair to these different stressors has various impacts on the cortex; ox ... ...