The evolution of sports nutrition and esports – How market trends continue to drive product research & development


Nutrition 21 LLC., New Jersey, USA


Over time sports nutrition has evolved to match the growing demand of athletes wanting to be faster, stronger, and better than their competitors. Examining market trends requires taking a deep dive into the diverse communities that have developed over time. Athletes continue to demand more from supplements and the sports nutrition industry is answering those demands by formulating products to meet the needs of the athlete and their sport. Sports nutrition, Esports, and the supplement industry continue to drive market trends with products that are backed by research and clinically tested. These trends include but are not limited to: improving focus and mental clarity, increasing physical and mental performance, environmentally friendly ingredients, and non-stimulant alternatives for increased energy and power.

Emerging trends in the food and sports nutrition sector continue to be influenced by an assortment of factors. Global dynamics, demographics, culture, politics, and environment all hold great influence on consumer wants and needs (1).
With new technologies come easier access to information which allows for the consumer to demand products to conform to their requests (2). It’s vital that food scientists, product developers and companies worldwide stay well informed of these major emerging trends within the industry. Consumers have become activists in the sports nutrition sector based on the increased awareness of environmental and global issues through the advancement of technology (3). All of the information consumers receive may, however, not be accurate or valid. Sports nutritionists need to help inform consumers with accurate, science backed information. Industry leaders continue to evolve their products based on these trends and the demand continues to grow. Social media is a major outlet for news and marketing. The industry is greatly influenced by individuals and information be ...