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Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech

The evolution of sports nutrition and esports – How market trends continue to drive product research & development

Sports nutrition no longer a niche market as everyday consumers seek out an energy boost

Discussing strategies and regulations for delineating efficacy and safety of dietary supplements in sports nutrition

Can you enhance exercise-induced fat oxidation with green tea drinking?

Global protein opportunity in the sports nutrition industry

A healthy market – the rise and rise of sports nutrition

Aloysia citriodora extract targeting sports nutrition
In vitro study on anti-inflammatory effects by cyclooxygenases inhibition

Alkaline water in athletes: It is beneficial?

Effect of a vegetable-based beverage on endurance performance following prior exercise bout

Carbohydrates,performance and weight loss
Is low the way to go or the way to bonk?

Glucose and hormonal response to nutrition bars that differ in glycemic index and load
Glucose and hormone response to nutrition bars

New product development: a supplement combining coconut water with whey protein or egg white albumen

New product development: carbonated beverage with different protein and creatine for sportsmen and physically active people

Impact of carbohydrate nutrition 
on exercise metabolism and performance

Exercise nutrition for ageing muscles Protein-based strategies 
for muscle hypertrophy

Sports nutrition for masters athletes: balancing chronic lifestyle conditions with performance

Whey protein isolate: 
the ideal ingredient for sports nutrition

Acute effects of a lactate 
supplement on running performance

Defining the anabolic window of opportunity
Is protein intake immediately post resistance exercise critically important for muscle growth?

Hydration for optimal health and performance in athletes

CoQ10 and ubiquinolNovel,safe dietary supplementation for trained and untrained athletes

Postexercise ‘window of potential’ for the stimulation of muscle protein synthesis

Getting the most out of your exercise: The importance of dietary protein in your recovery nutrition

Low calorie sweetness and hydration Applications in exercise and sport

An overview of sports nutrition recommendations

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There are no posts with SPORT NUTRITION topic in this journal... yet.

Pharma Horizon

There are no posts with SPORT NUTRITION topic in this journal... yet.