The expertise of the next generation and the implementation of flow chemistry in pharma


Arcinova, United Kingdom


In order to gain a significant advantage in the race for more efficient pharmaceutical development, companies need to recruit flow chemistry talent in-house. The skills and knowledge of the next generation of PhDs and post-docs are helping bridge the gap in expertise between batch and flow technologies. With a greater number of experts working in industry, successful drug development projects utilising flow chemistry will be commonplace and more patients will benefit from the life-changing medicines around the world.

Flow chemistry technologies have the power to significantly improve the yield and purity of a drug substance, while also improving efficiency and operating costs. The technology is considered to be an important innovation for the pharmaceutical industry, and is supported by regulatory agencies such as the FDA. Nonetheless, for patients around the world to benefit from accelerated drug development through continuous flow manufacture, companies must begin investing in flow chemistry technology with increased confidence.


With respect to new technology implementation, one of the main risks is a lack of expertise. The industry currently has less experience in the implementation of flow chemistry when compared to batch technology. However, there is a growing number of PhD students and post-docs from universities who are helping to bridge the experience gap. It is vital that the pharmaceutical industry encourages the next generation of researchers to consider careers in industry to facilitate the implementation of flow chemistry technology.



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