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Third Symposium on Continuous Flow Reactor Technology for Industrial Applications



chimica oggi/Chemistry Today


Chimica Oggi / Chemistry Today organized a third symposium on “Continuous Flow Reactor Technology for Industrial Applications” on 2-4 October 2011 at Cernobbio, Lake Como, Italy, achieving a growing interest from international experts. Together with the symposium partner, Corning SAS, Chimica oggi / Chemistry Today organized an agenda with a keynote speaker, a representative of FDA and 15 experts from industry to discuss case studies, manufacturing solutions, process analytical technologies and regulatory issues related to continuous flow chemistry. The conference was accompanied by a poster / exhibition area where 23 companies and 5 Universities had the chance to display their equipment and results. An important moment of the day in fact was the conference time-breaking where people could network and implement their acquaintance. The final panel discussion moreover was characterized by a lively discussion between speakers and participants and gave good ideas for a future event.
Let’s enter into details of the lectures.

Ian BaxendaleUniversity of Cambridge
“Chemical synthesis and processing using flow reac ...