The foundation of Cosmetics innovation are formula safety and stability


1. Product Manager, Formula Protection ROELMI HPC
2. R&D Department ROELMI HPC

“Would you ever buy a car without seat belts, airbag or ABS system?” this is what I recently answered to my dear cousin, who was pushing me to buy her new discovery: a super innovative, double phases face cream, “It is also paraben free!” she told me, not knowing the effect that these last words would have had upon me! I was thinking about different markets from the cosmetic one, and here what I saw: in our daily life, safety of products we choose is usually one of the key parameters for the selection of the right product, and this becomes a successful marketing tool for the related industry. Let’s think about the automotive: in the history of this sector, many security systems have been introduced as car optional, bringing the vehicle to a superior premium class, if compared to competitors (airbag system is an example). Hopefully, many of these car safety tools became legally binding, and thus accessible to all customers. What about cosmetics? The impression is that nowadays opposite trends are driving the Personal Care market, where product safety seems to be undermined: whilst preservatives should be the guardian of formula safety, they are actually perceived as nas ...