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The Fragrance Series – Part 3



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MABA is founded and owned by Marcella Bartoletti former Global Fragrance Director at Unilever. A desire to explore the many facets of the power of fragrance in our daily lives is at the basis of this five-part series. The author, together with other experts, will take the reader through a journey across the multiple aspects to be taken into consideration as well as the commonalities, the various challenges, and the critical market/ business imperatives to be handled when planning a new fragrance launch. Following two first articles on Air Care and Home Care, published on the No 1/2012 and No 3/2012 editions of HPC Today, here it is the opportunity to dig into a new fascinating product category: Personal Care and Cosmetics. www.marcellabartoletti.com

The decision to write a single article about the role of fragrance in Personal Care (PC) and Cosmetics products is of course very challenging and risky in a sense, but ... ...