Time for a Change


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Societies are faced with some massive challenges: Natural resources are already under stress while billions of people still do not have access to basic needs like water, food and sanitation. While strong economic growth in Developed &Emerging markets will accelerate some social uplift, it will also increase consumption of resources and that will present some major challenges. At a time when consumers are reaching out to companies who want to be part of the solution, business has an opportunity to show leadership and take action on the big issues. New business models are needed to couple financial performance and positive social impact, while minimizing impact on the environment.
With more than 500 billion washes done every year for laundry alone, Home Care is a big business with a significant impact on the environment. Resources are already stretched. Raw material prices are increasing, water availability is already an issue in many parts of the world, and the regulatory environment is tightening. Mega trends such as awareness of health and hygiene and increasing urbanization are leading to more washing and cleaning. This, in turn, drive ...