The healthy haircare hack: innovating through the consumer


1. VP of Research & Innovation, HCD Research
2. Manager of Behavior & Marketing Science, HCD Research


For haircare, there is no one size fits all. From hair structure to texture to scalp moisture, all these combinations of hair types mean there are infinite unwanted symptoms or characteristics that need solutions. Since haircare is such a specialized experience, brands have a major opportunity to play a role in improving the efficiency of the daily consumer routine by making products that work for consumers. Personalizing the experience can truly engage consumers by communicating and connecting with their needs in a meaningful and purposeful way. Adding something novel and needed to the market can disrupt an industry and push towards inclusivity. The consumer knows what they want; therefore, meeting consumer expectations is paramount for a successful product. Haircare brands must harness the value in the consumer voice to help them look and feel their best- one strand at a time.

Personal care is personal. And there are a wide variety of people out there, with varying hair types and preferences. Finding the right products and haircare system to complement individual needs for consumers is challenging. On the flip side, developing products to address a variety of needs can also be difficult. However, the ability to meet consumer needs presents a key opportunity for both innovation and inclusivity for haircare brands.


Healthy hair can mean different things to different people, and listening to the needs and wants of all potential consumers is a win for everyone.


The approach to haircare has evolved a lot in the past few years. Given the experiences of the pandemic, hair salons were unavailable, and consumers really had to embrace their natural hair. With health continuing to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds, it is no surprise that the prominence of that theme trickled into haircare. Hair health, whether it be improving or preventing damaged hair, is a major focus to a lot of consumers. Since access to the salons were s ...