SK pharmateco – The pharma industry does not stand still… why should we?


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Since SK pharmteco’s formation in 2019, through the combination of SK biotek Ireland, AMPAC Fine Chemicals (AFC)/AMPAC Analytical and SK biotek Korea, the company has integrated capacity and capability into a world-class CDMO. With over 1700 people and 9 facilities located across 3 continents, and primed for further expansion, SK pharmteco is well positioned to provide benefits and value to our clients across our global network.


In our commitment to continuously improve our core offerings we added Yposkesi (YPK) in 2021 as our entry into the cell and gene therapy market. Yposkesi is a one-stop shop for viral vector development and manufacturing for gene therapy, offering a full range of services for Lentiviral (LV) and Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) vectors manufacturing for bulk drug substances (up to 1,000L) as well ...