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Versatile renewable surfactants: improving detergent performance profile


*Corresponding author
Elevance Renewable Sciences,
2501 Davey Road, Woodridge,
IL 60517, USA


Elevance’s novel olefin metathesis technology enables formulators to access advanced detergent attributes by offering bio-based solutions that improve detergency, compaction, foaming and wetting. Further, leveraging advantages from plant-based sources creates a class of ingredients that has an enhanced environmental, health and safety profile while also reducing reliance on the volatile supply chain of petroleum-based alternatives. Most importantly, this technology can be employed in a manner where the cost-to-performance benefit supports both technical improvements as well as an attractive business case.


The detergent industry has a relentless search for continual improvements that address critical needs relating to better performance, ongoing sustainability objectives, supply stability and increasingly restrictive regulatory constraints. To stay one step ahead of the competition, formulators must balance all of these factors to ensure that product improvements also meet the affordability targets of the manufacturer and consumer. Oftentimes these factors are at odds with each other, particularly when increasing the level of naturally based ingredients, necessitating tradeoff decisions.
To help solve these complex problems, Elevance has prepared novel materials from its biorefinery process that offers formulators new, technically advantaged tools. The biorefinery process converts triglycerides and fatty acids found in natural oils into multiple distinct product streams. The technology that drives this innovative process is based on the work of Nobel Laureates Dr. Robert H. Grubbs and Dr. Richard Schrock, who pioneered the olefin metathesis catalyst technology. This proprietary catalyst technology allows carbon atoms in natural oils to "switch ...

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