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Why should I use a regulatory consultant?



ERM,  Harrogate,  United Kingdom
Member of Chimica Oggi / Chemistry Today Scientific Advisory Board


Have you ever heard the phrase ‘Legislation is getting easier’? ........... no, me neither!


It seems that almost every day new pieces of legislation are introduced and this is particularly the case in the Chemical Industry. The regulation of chemicals covers their production, transport, storage, use and disposal and all are key areas for legal compliance for companies operating in the chemical and associated industries. Because of the hazardous properties inherent to many chemicals, this is understandable. The risks associated with non-compliance in this area are significant: in relation to health and safety; environmental impact; reputational damage; and prosecution.


Ensuring legal compliance requires a thorough understanding of the chemicals involved, their hazardous properties, how they are manufactured and used and the specific legislation that applies to them. This legislation may be national, regional or global and may differ considerably from one country to another. Keeping abreast of legislation is a difficult task in itself and many companies struggle to do so, particularly if they operate at a region ...

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