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A word with… – Muzzammil Hosenally Head of Data Management & Biostatistics


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How does climate influence skin care? Has the need for sun protection changed over the years, particularly with climate change?

Climate does influence skin protection needs as cold dry weather dries the skin, particularly for extreme ages (children and elderly). One will notice scaling on the extremities (hands, face, legs) and itching, requiring extra emollients

The need for sun protection has largely increased over the last few decades.

The main factor is depletion of the stratospheric ozone layer of the earth, which allows increased solar UV radiations (especially UVB) to reach earth’s surface. This has urged the importance of skin care in terms of “Safe sun exposure “, with the use of sun screens -- protecting your skin from possible sun damage & at the same time, enjoying the benefits of good sunlight.

Can you outline the influence of the individual baseline subject characteristics, skin color, age, gender, and phototype ... ...

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