Beauty with Science!!!



Department of Drug Science, University of Pavia
via Taramelli 12, 27100 Pavia, Italy

The cosmetic product industry produces Beauty that is more and more attractive and pleasant, but it is important to remember that behind these products there are a lot of technological researches and efforts to ensure the legislative requirements of quality, efficacy and safety. So, the cosmetic embodies two souls, the emotional sphere and the scientific rigor.

The development of new cosmetic product requires knowledge, research and method. Knowledge in the sense of awareness of the available tools and knowledge gained through all the experience; Research in the sense of inquiry and critical study of a formula, phenomenon or effect; Method in the sense of the work protocol set up and standardization of the practical work.

I really believe that there would be no beauty without science and for this reason it is so important to spread out the science developed in the University. In Italy, to make science in the University is not easy: we don’t have appropriate financial resources, no help from institutions, underfunded by companies. Despite this, Italians scientists can constantly develop innovation thanks to the perseverance of ...