Biodegradability for cosmetics


Neovita consulting, Uboldo (VA), Italy

With the raise of organic, bio, natural, zero kilometers, from your backyard …. It is quite more and more difficult to understand the feeble border between marketing claims and regulatory compliance of many aspects for products. Among many sustainability issues the topic of the problems related to the aquatic environment is surely a big point to be considered. 

The wider topic of sustainability falls under the ongoing developing rules and concepts of the Life cycle assessment and circular economy. In this context the approach of the end life of waste destiny for cosmetics has not been addressed in the cosmetic regulation as (EU) it is clearly stated in the “Whereas: (5) “that environmental concerns that substances used in cosmetic products may raise are considered through the application of REACH regulation (1).

The specific point referred to surfactants can be an interesting argument when discussed for rinse-off, surely a sensitive product when used and subsequently released into the environment. Rules for the biodegradability of surfactants belong historically to mid of last century due to the high levels of eutrophic effect on the environment caused by ...