Baby, children: future and regulation


Giulio Pirotta
Neovita consulting
Uboldo (VA), Italy

Children, our future, we should take care of their safety in more careful way, but for the purpose of manufacturing and safety assessment which are the regulatory limits?


The definition of children may be different from one country to another or accordingly scope and regulation. 


As an example of this, the EU toys regulation has the limit of 14 years old, in the Brazilian cosmetic regulation the age limit is 12 and the same is for China. The European regulation 1223/09 clearly identify the age of 3 asking for a specific safety assessment of the product and in the meanwhile specific limitations are given for some ingredients or applications. In the USA, with the exception of color additives and OTC, regular cosmetic products and ingredients are not required to be registered before being placed on the market in the light of current laws.


Based on this, discussion of this topic from a regulatory perspective could be quite easy: you should identify the purpose of the product, the age limit and act accordingly. Quite clear, but the point is usually the question that is raised immediately after: do you have guidelin ...