Brexit scenarios – ask an expert for the right solution


Neovita consulting, Uboldo (VA), Italy

This topic is on the table from 2016 and the complete disruptive effect of the leave vote is still unclear. Major arguments are on the table of negotiators: Northern Ireland border, Free trade, EU Citizen’s rights, the European Court of Justice, immigration plus border control and the divorce bill.

We are now in the second round of negotiations that should lead to the final agreement, but a lot of points need to be clarified. There is a total opacity on what the final agreement will be, no clear idea if a transition period will take place and many other smaller points unresolved. 

In this situation the best thing to do is collecting info in order to identify next better steps tailored for each one specific situation. Regulatory issues are surely among main drivers for the choices, but should regarded in the whole picture: in this few lines we’ll try to collect some points.

Let’s start to understand the complexity of the relationships among institutions, simply give a look at this table and find UK and European Union and all the other flags you are interested into.

European Union Customs Union Membership includes EU members and specific agre ...