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This editorial is dedicated to the dear memory of Florian Weighardt - our friend and colleague - who would always take his job with passion, energy, enthusiasm, in a strongly cooperative and helpful attitude as well as with his own very nice and friendly sense of humour. He was a real professional. We will miss him.

The Scientific Advisory Board of H&PC Today


Is the cosmetic industry being attacked?
Or, has the cosmetic industry ever not being attacked?
In Dr. Joe Schwarcz’s “Science, Sense and Nonsense” one can learn how in 1770, the English Parliament passed an act declaring that marriages could be pronounced null and void if the man had been “led into matrimony by false pretenses through the use of scents, paints, cosmetic washes, artificial teeth, false hair, bolstered hips, high heels or iron stays”.
And some years later, Queen Victoria publicly declared makeup to be improper, vulgar and acceptable only for use by actors.
Times ...