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DSM Nutritional Products Europe Ltd.
OatWell: the importance of oat beta-glucan for human nutrition and health 


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Looking and feeling great is at the top of many consumers’ minds. As a result, health and wellness is a key trend in the food and beverage industry, permeating almost all sub-segments. Sales of food, beverages and dietary supplements with proven health benefits are buoyant and the global market for the first two categories alone is projected to be worth US$130 billion by 2015 (1).
How can manufacturers keep up with growing demand and differentiate themselves in a competitive market? What ingredients will hit the mark with consumers? One ingredient that has healthy market potential is oat beta-glucan. Found in natural sources, such as oats, this nutrient has proven benefits for heart health, blood sugar management and digestive function.

When thinking about their general health a ...

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