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Enzymatic modifications of grape skin phenolics
A new look at wine maceration ?

*Corresponding author
Technical University of Denmark, Center for BioProcess Engineering
Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Lyngby, DK 2800, Denmark


Phenolic compounds are decisive for the colour and sensory properties of wines. Especially in the making of redwines, the optimal retrieval of phenolics from the grape skins is crucial for obtaining wines having optimal colour, flavour,and mouth feel properties. Exogenous enzymes are widely used during the wine grape maceration to obtain high juiceyield and initial extraction of flavour components, and in the case of red wines for obtaining better initial extraction ofcolour. Until now, this maceration has mainly been considered as an extraction step. Recent data have shown thatsignificant changes of the phenolics may occur via enzyme catalyzed reactions already during the maceration. Theserecent findings provide a new base for understanding and promoting phenolic conversions during wine making, and maylead to new enzymatic maceration strategies and novel grape pomace valorisation processes in the wine industry.


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