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The influence of milk fat and starter cultures on cholesterol content and nutrient characteristics of Quarg cheese

Optimization of proteolytical activity of melon juice concentrate using response surface methodology (RSM)

Preliminary lab scale of advanced techniques as new tools to reduce ethylphenols content in synthetic wine

Effect of cellulase and pectinase combinations on the recovery of lycopene

Modelling the inactivation
of PEF frequency and width
for soybean lipoxygenase in soymilk

Determination of suitable palate cleanser for spicy tom yum soup

Optimally accepted salt reduction across cultures
Naturally brewed soy sauce used in three countries with different food cultures

Modelling the inactivation of PEF time and strength
for soybean lipoxygenase in soymilk

Gluten and yeast extract protein: new fining agents for red wines

Globular protein gels as carriers of active substances

Use of essential oils and plant extracts for food preservation

Enzymatic modifications of grape skin phenolics
A new look at wine maceration ?

Optimization of extraction of drugs containing polyphenols using an innovative technique

Concentrated fruit juice as an osmotic solution in production of candied apple

Development of a new method for extraction of canola oil using lecithin based microemulsion systems

Minireview: β-Glucan extraction methods from oats

Consumer attitudes and communication challenges for agro-food technologies

Successes and limitations inacrylamide mitigation effortsPart 2: Impact of interventions in cereal foodprocessing on exposure

The fatty acids and acylglycerols in chickpea and lentil flour

Decreasing deoxynivalenol concentration in maize within the production chain of animal feed

Modification of in vitro multi-enzymatic method for determining the organic matter digestibility of feeds

Different wavelengths light to induce physiological changes callus for the biosynthesis of gymnemic acid in Gymnema sylvestre

Walnut leaves – influence of different extraction methods on the total phenol and flavonoid contents

Changes of aroma composition of persimmon wine during fermentation

High pressure processing for better ice cream

Sunflower flour as a rich source of high quality proteins

Process optimization of partially hydrolyzed guar gum using response surface methodology

Comparison of inactivation of PEF on urease, SLOX and STI of soymilk

Effects of pulsed electric fields on volatile constituents of soymilk

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