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Formulating for a sustainable future with natural oat and sweet blue lupin ingredients


*Corresponding author

1. Organic Monitor, 0B The Mall, London W5 2PJ, United Kingdom

2. Oat Cosmetics, The White House, 226 Bassett Avenue, Southampton, Hampshire, SO16 7FU, United Kingdom


The natural and organic movement, whichstarted decades ago in a very niche way with the “hip-pies”, has grown to become one of the major sources ofinnovation in the personal care industry today. However,no longer is the word “natural” enough on its own, sus-tainability has become the watchword, not least withinthe personal care industry. Thus, sustainably sourcedrenewable materials that are then minimally processedby physical means, or chemically modified by mild, “green” processes, are proving to be the hottest cos-metic ingredients of interest to formulators.